Whatever Happened to Les Techno?

Les Techno returns with this new production that brings songwriting with the acoustic guitar back into the mix, with sonic influences ranging from hip-hoppy grooves and 80's new wave to electric guitar psychedelia.    With lyrics of social satire. "Go fig-yah."  

Or kick back, light up and listen to Trophy Wife, Soul of the Machine, Who do you Believe and Old House.    Or party to the old-school house Salvation Remix.

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Written and Produced by Les Techno

Contact: les@les-techno.com

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Is that President Gasbag's 




Many thanks to Shirin for background vocals and Evelyn for comments,

         and Max for the clank on Soul of the Machine.

Many thanks to all that helped and put up with this project,

especially Patricia, Melissa and a thank you to Kolson for further comments.

Kudos to Ivano, Steve, Neil, and Charlie of the New Irrelevants


Who the Hell Is Les Techno, anyway  ?

Les Techno is a New York City rocker that played guitar,  and sang in the usual rock hangouts, including in the bands Sim-Stim and Love Posse.   Les Techno trained as a guitarist, occasionally with the late jazz-man Larry Coryell,   learned to work with analog synthesizers with those big, round knobs,   analog reel to reel tape machines, razor blades and a grease pencil  in order to make obscure atonal music for college credit at some fancy-shit university. 

While working on his "studio tan," Les made hip-hop tracks with rap artists Run-DMC (Profile), Mobb Deep (Loud/RCA) and Onyx (Def Jam/Sony) (among others).    OK, its true he worked on the Onyx track "Black Vagina Finder". But it wasn't his idea--he got paid to do it.   He did a Red Hot Chili Peppers remix   (Higher Ground), worked with R&B artist Ava Cherry and with the late, legendary funkmaster Bernie Worrell on a record to benefit the Aids Health Crisis Center in New York City (Downtown, Virgin/EMI).  

Les Techno also wrote and produced reggae dance-hall records for Georgie Blacks ("Kickup Unwine", RCA) and Willie One Blood (RCA),  techno records for Stimulator ("Are you a Freak?"/ PowWow), and  a latin hip hop song for Daniela ("So Hot, Too Hot", Invasion).

Les Techno continues to ignore the unforgettably amusing advice of a "knowledgable" A&R man at a "Major Record Label":   "You know, genre mixing in this business is dangerous."



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